Buckles of Steel!

October 26th, 2011

IMG_20110723_035013 (1)

Behold the buckle of steel!  Cut on a Plasma CNC at Tx/Rx Labs


Neighborly greetings and kind thanks to all of your who attended Neighborcon in Knoxville and in Vegas. As as the world’s first traveling hacker medicine show, we’ve distributed plenty of circuit boards to the world, the most recent being the special GoodFET20 board that you see above. Construction details can be found at the GoodFET20 website. Eagle schematics, source code, and all that jazz can be found within the project’s subversion repository,

svn co https://goodfet.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/goodfet

If you managed to scoop up more than one board, consider ordering an MSP430F2618, as I should have support for those chips working very soon. (They are pin-compatible.)

Like all Goodspeed&Gourneau creations, this one is in the shape of Tennessee, but to facilitate the USB connector, we had to annex parts of Arkansas. No changes are expected in the newly annexed area, except that parts of I40 will very soon be repaired to meet Tennessean standards.

There’s also a somewhat undocumented feature of this board, which is that it optionally holds a 74HC4053 for glitching the power supply of the target board to a voltage set on one of the MSP430′s DAC pins. This is a technique that is somewhat effective at breaking smart cards, but which is very effective at bypassing the access controls of microcontrollers. Expect articles the subject to appear at my blog in the near future, but feel free to play with it yourself before then.

To all those whom I’ve promised GoodFETs by mail, please be patient. More panels have been ordered, and until then, I’m short-stocked myself.

Your neighbor,
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

Neighborcon 2 Badge

July 21st, 2009

The First Neighborcon
While Josh Gourneau was tied to a bottle of wine and left to fend for himself at the last Neighborcon, he imagined a belt buckle so neighborly that it could break smart cards and Zigbee chips. This has been realized in the badge for Neighborcon Vegas, which is based upon Travis Goodspeed’s GoodFET20. It’s the shape of an idealized future in which East Tennessee annexes the Middle and Western divisions of the state, as well as select parts of Arkansas, as a means of making the perfect USB belt buckle. Goodspeed and Gourneau have done it again!

As Neighborcon Vegas will be colocated with Security BSides, attendees of that conference are welcome to join in the neighborliness. Also look for belt buckles in Black Hat badges.


We’ll be giving a gold-fingered GoodFET20 or something similarly neighborly to the best belt buckle photo taken with this new badge in Vegas. Examples follow.

Extra-Neighborly Box Social
Extra-Neighborly Box Social
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy
Belt Buckle Nick
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy
Last Night in Knoxville
Belt Buckle at Barley's
Belt Buckle in Trouble

Neighborcon Vegas

July 8th, 2009

The First Neighborcon

My dearest neighbors and neighbors that I’ve yet to meet, in all neighborliness I invite you to join me for Neighborcon 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada this July 29, 30, during the Black Hat Briefings.

The first Neighborcon was so damned neighborly that we’ve no choice but to do it again. As the North American Strategic Club Mate Reserve having been depleted, we’ll have to settle for coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages. Sponsors will kindly cover the costs, but an extra $10 or $20 can’t hurt if you’d like to be extra neighborly.

Speakers will include Sandy “Mouse” Clark, Joshua “Belt Buckle” Gourneau, and Dan Kaminsky’s “Outie” Belly-button, and Josh “Buttery Nipple” Marlow. Games will include the SCADA Conference Drinking Game, Mystery Black Hat Theater 3000, and a few other neighborly things.

As with the first Neighborcon, if you demand a schedule, you’ll be uninvited. Follow Neighborcon on Twitter and this blog for news and the exact location.

Also, we’ll in need of neighborly speakers. Email travis at radiantmachines.com with your most neighborly abstract, and we’ll put you on the secret schedule that we refuse to share with Cisco those that demand it.

Won’t you be my neighbor?
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

Neighbor Marlow

Neighbor Marlow, pictured above, is a typical Neighborcon goon. He’s neighborly, enjoys belt buckles, and he can dance a jig when properly intoxicated. If you are similarly neighborly and would like to be a goon, please send and email me with details. If we find ourselves to have a shortage of goons, neighbors will be deputized on the spot.

We will also be having GTFO (Get The Fuck Out) sessions around the neighborhood, as a means of keeping the Yacht Club from getting too crowded. If you’d like to organize a session on a particular topic, send an email my way.

Neighborliness abounds!
–Travis Goodspeed
<travis at radiantmachines.com>

Dance a Jig, Y’all!

April 27th, 2009

Sawyer Dances a Jig
Chris is dancing a jig because the next Goodspeed&Gourneau belt buckle is nearing release. Stay tuned for details, and be sure to register for Neighborcon, the most neighborly hacker conference in all of Southern Appalachia.

Howdy y’all,

NeighborCon 2009 Badge

Last month, NYC Resistor manufactured a fake pink unicorn badge for Shmoocon. Kingpin’s Defcon 14, 15, and 16 Badges have been electronic, replacing a boring piece of plastic with hackable electronics. Neighborcon, Knoxville’s most neighborly conference, continues both of these traditions, but I’ve decided to publish some details on the badge well in advance of the conference, for those hoping to counterfeit one rather than pay the entrance fee. (Be a neighbor, do both!)

The badges will be a variant of the TV-B-Gone Kit, an open-source design by Mitch Altman and Lady Ada. (N.B., Defcon 16 badges had TV-B-Gone firmware.) It’s also a Tennessee Belt Buckle. Grab the CC-licensed Eagle Source, and expect a final revision to be posted when I have the badges fabbed. Counterfeits badges will get you in the door, and a contest will be held for the best of them. (Be creative, but all entries must be in the shape of a state with no income tax and a constitution-enforced $50 cap on municipal court fines. No exceptions.)

Full Disclosure: There’s no mounting mechanism or battery holder on this revision, and the border shape isn’t very accurate.

I will, of course, be counterfeiting my own badge. Perhaps I can get my Tennessee CMOS-inverter design fabricated by MOSIS?

Tennessee Inverter

The winner of the contest will be given a Bus Pirate kit, with which to do all sorts of neighborly things.
Bus Pirate

Neighborliness abounds!
Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

Dear brothers and sisters,
neighbors domestic and foreign,

Knoxville, Tennessee is the world’s capital of neighborliness. This fine city offers $2 sushi on Mondays, $1.50 pints on Tuesdays, and $2 sushi again on Wednesdays. Everyone is friendly, and even the street evangelists don’t mind a differing opinion. It is for these reasons that the city will be hosting NeighborCon, the world’s most neighborly hacker conference on June 27 and 28 of 2009 at the Fort Sanders Yacht Club.

If that weren’t neighborly enough, the badge of this conference–to be worn with pride for years to come–is an extra-neighborly Tennessee Belt Buckle. Further, a prize will be given for the best counterfeit badge, but only so long as it’s in the shape of Tennessee.

The conference itself will run in a single track from noon to six each day, breaking for dinner and the local bars afterward. We are looking for short lightening talks as well as a few longer lectures. We are not able to reimburse speakers for expenses, but we welcome them to panhandle the audience.

Neighborcon will be small and neighborly, but it’s as good as reason as any to meet with all of our friends, and all of our friends’ friends. Tactics will be hatched, plans will be mapped, and we’ll all learn to believe in a more neighborly future.

Space is limited, so please email travis at radiantmachines.com with your most neighborly request to speak or attend. Put “NEIGHBORCON” in the title, to help me organize things. Add “SPEAKER” or “GOON” if you’d like to help out. Costs will be minimal, just twenty or thirty bucks toward the belt buckles and the bar tab.

Your neighbor,
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

Prototypes, Shmoocon

February 4th, 2009

Extra-Neighborly Box Social

The first round of prototypes is due to arrive tomorrow morning, and we will reorder as soon as we verify them to be functional. Then, this Friday, we’ll take them to Shmoocon in Washington, DC where we’ll repair the nation’s economy by holding a table at the HacDC party. We will speaking Saturday afternoon at 15h00 in the “Build It!” track.

Disco Crotchen Berlin

December 31st, 2008

Belt Buckle Nick

The belt-buckle has made it to Berlin, where the locals call it Disco Crotch.  Extra-neighborly jigs have been danced, black-box software has been reverse engineered, and industrial quantities of Club Maté have been consumed.

Stay neighborly,