Disco Crotchen Berlin

December 31st, 2008

Belt Buckle Nick

The belt-buckle has made it to Berlin, where the locals call it Disco Crotch.  Extra-neighborly jigs have been danced, black-box software has been reverse engineered, and industrial quantities of Club Maté have been consumed.

Stay neighborly,

4 Responses to “Disco Crotchen Berlin”

  1. Elliot Squire Says:

    Disco crotch? Those Berliners are very neighborly indeed!

  2. Surrey Wedding Photographer Says:

    Oh yes, Club Maté rocks! That is one caffeine fueled drink I can tell you… lol

  3. Paul | Tennis Serve Says:

    I agree! Club Maté really rocks! My friends love it too.. :)

  4. Eddie Wright Says:

    I Laughed at Elliots comment!