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NeighborCon 2009 Badge

Last month, NYC Resistor manufactured a fake pink unicorn badge for Shmoocon. Kingpin’s Defcon 14, 15, and 16 Badges have been electronic, replacing a boring piece of plastic with hackable electronics. Neighborcon, Knoxville’s most neighborly conference, continues both of these traditions, but I’ve decided to publish some details on the badge well in advance of the conference, for those hoping to counterfeit one rather than pay the entrance fee. (Be a neighbor, do both!)

The badges will be a variant of the TV-B-Gone Kit, an open-source design by Mitch Altman and Lady Ada. (N.B., Defcon 16 badges had TV-B-Gone firmware.) It’s also a Tennessee Belt Buckle. Grab the CC-licensed Eagle Source, and expect a final revision to be posted when I have the badges fabbed. Counterfeits badges will get you in the door, and a contest will be held for the best of them. (Be creative, but all entries must be in the shape of a state with no income tax and a constitution-enforced $50 cap on municipal court fines. No exceptions.)

Full Disclosure: There’s no mounting mechanism or battery holder on this revision, and the border shape isn’t very accurate.

I will, of course, be counterfeiting my own badge. Perhaps I can get my Tennessee CMOS-inverter design fabricated by MOSIS?

Tennessee Inverter

The winner of the contest will be given a Bus Pirate kit, with which to do all sorts of neighborly things.
Bus Pirate

Neighborliness abounds!
Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

One Response to “Counterfeit Your Neighborcon Badge”

  1. FarMcKon Says:

    Just for the record, P.S.One, Hac DC, and some Philadelphia schmucks supplied the photos and idea for the spoof badges, and NYCResistor provided the laser, the art direction, and the giant pinkness.

    My point is, that much awesomeness was a team effort.