Dear brothers and sisters,
neighbors domestic and foreign,

Knoxville, Tennessee is the world’s capital of neighborliness. This fine city offers $2 sushi on Mondays, $1.50 pints on Tuesdays, and $2 sushi again on Wednesdays. Everyone is friendly, and even the street evangelists don’t mind a differing opinion. It is for these reasons that the city will be hosting NeighborCon, the world’s most neighborly hacker conference on June 27 and 28 of 2009 at the Fort Sanders Yacht Club.

If that weren’t neighborly enough, the badge of this conference–to be worn with pride for years to come–is an extra-neighborly Tennessee Belt Buckle. Further, a prize will be given for the best counterfeit badge, but only so long as it’s in the shape of Tennessee.

The conference itself will run in a single track from noon to six each day, breaking for dinner and the local bars afterward. We are looking for short lightening talks as well as a few longer lectures. We are not able to reimburse speakers for expenses, but we welcome them to panhandle the audience.

Neighborcon will be small and neighborly, but it’s as good as reason as any to meet with all of our friends, and all of our friends’ friends. Tactics will be hatched, plans will be mapped, and we’ll all learn to believe in a more neighborly future.

Space is limited, so please email travis at with your most neighborly request to speak or attend. Put “NEIGHBORCON” in the title, to help me organize things. Add “SPEAKER” or “GOON” if you’d like to help out. Costs will be minimal, just twenty or thirty bucks toward the belt buckles and the bar tab.

Your neighbor,
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

7 Responses to “Neighborcon, June 27/28 2009”

  1. follower Says:

    I think you could have fitted “neighbourly” in a few more times. :-)

    For that matter, do you accept people who are “neighbourly” rather than “neighborly”..? :-D


  2. Travis Goodspeed Says:

    Howdy Phil,

    Both neighbors and neighbours are welcome, of course.


  3. Curious Says:

    So how are the preperations going for this? Are you guys still planning on having it? I’d love to attend this event. It sounds like a blast.

  4. Travis Goodspeed Says:

    Hell yes we’re still having it! See the Radiant Machines homepage for news updates; a schedule and speakers list are soon to come.

  5. Tele Monster Says:

    Greetings from Norfolk, VA.

    Any suggestions in regards to hotels?

  6. Travis Goodspeed Says:

    Four Points by Sheraton Knoxville Cumberland House Hotel
    1109 White Avenue
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37916

  7. Nikolas Coukouma Says:

    I’m interested in finding some neighbors to split a hotel room with, or even just a neighborly patch of floor to sleep on.