Neighborcon 2 Badge

July 21st, 2009

The First Neighborcon
While Josh Gourneau was tied to a bottle of wine and left to fend for himself at the last Neighborcon, he imagined a belt buckle so neighborly that it could break smart cards and Zigbee chips. This has been realized in the badge for Neighborcon Vegas, which is based upon Travis Goodspeed’s GoodFET20. It’s the shape of an idealized future in which East Tennessee annexes the Middle and Western divisions of the state, as well as select parts of Arkansas, as a means of making the perfect USB belt buckle. Goodspeed and Gourneau have done it again!

As Neighborcon Vegas will be colocated with Security BSides, attendees of that conference are welcome to join in the neighborliness. Also look for belt buckles in Black Hat badges.


We’ll be giving a gold-fingered GoodFET20 or something similarly neighborly to the best belt buckle photo taken with this new badge in Vegas. Examples follow.

Extra-Neighborly Box Social
Extra-Neighborly Box Social
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy
Belt Buckle Nick
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy
Last Night in Knoxville
Belt Buckle at Barley's
Belt Buckle in Trouble

2 Responses to “Neighborcon 2 Badge”

  1. better resveratrol Says:

    Your link to GoodFET20 is incorrect. is that on purpose?

    you’re linking to sourceFORGET instead of sourceforge (which might be forgetable I guess)

  2. Josh Says:

    Thanks, the link was fixed.