Neighborcon Vegas

July 8th, 2009

The First Neighborcon

My dearest neighbors and neighbors that I’ve yet to meet, in all neighborliness I invite you to join me for Neighborcon 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada this July 29, 30, during the Black Hat Briefings.

The first Neighborcon was so damned neighborly that we’ve no choice but to do it again. As the North American Strategic Club Mate Reserve having been depleted, we’ll have to settle for coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages. Sponsors will kindly cover the costs, but an extra $10 or $20 can’t hurt if you’d like to be extra neighborly.

Speakers will include Sandy “Mouse” Clark, Joshua “Belt Buckle” Gourneau, and Dan Kaminsky’s “Outie” Belly-button, and Josh “Buttery Nipple” Marlow. Games will include the SCADA Conference Drinking Game, Mystery Black Hat Theater 3000, and a few other neighborly things.

As with the first Neighborcon, if you demand a schedule, you’ll be uninvited. Follow Neighborcon on Twitter and this blog for news and the exact location.

Also, we’ll in need of neighborly speakers. Email travis at with your most neighborly abstract, and we’ll put you on the secret schedule that we refuse to share with Cisco those that demand it.

Won’t you be my neighbor?
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

4 Responses to “Neighborcon Vegas”

  1. Peck Says:

    SCADA conference drinking game?

    Whatever that involves, Im in!

  2. fie Says:


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    [...] that it could break smart cards and Zigbee chips. This has been realized in the badge for Neighborcon Vegas, which is based upon Travis Goodspeed’s GoodFET20. It’s the shape of an idealized [...]

  4. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Thanks for this post, answers a bunch of questions I was having.