Neighborly greetings and kind thanks to all of your who attended Neighborcon in Knoxville and in Vegas. As as the world’s first traveling hacker medicine show, we’ve distributed plenty of circuit boards to the world, the most recent being the special GoodFET20 board that you see above. Construction details can be found at the GoodFET20 website. Eagle schematics, source code, and all that jazz can be found within the project’s subversion repository,

svn co

If you managed to scoop up more than one board, consider ordering an MSP430F2618, as I should have support for those chips working very soon. (They are pin-compatible.)

Like all Goodspeed&Gourneau creations, this one is in the shape of Tennessee, but to facilitate the USB connector, we had to annex parts of Arkansas. No changes are expected in the newly annexed area, except that parts of I40 will very soon be repaired to meet Tennessean standards.

There’s also a somewhat undocumented feature of this board, which is that it optionally holds a 74HC4053 for glitching the power supply of the target board to a voltage set on one of the MSP430′s DAC pins. This is a technique that is somewhat effective at breaking smart cards, but which is very effective at bypassing the access controls of microcontrollers. Expect articles the subject to appear at my blog in the near future, but feel free to play with it yourself before then.

To all those whom I’ve promised GoodFETs by mail, please be patient. More panels have been ordered, and until then, I’m short-stocked myself.

Your neighbor,
–Travis Goodspeed
Engineer of Superior Buckles

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