Party Mode Belt Buckle

November 19th, 2008

$1.50 Pint Night

One evening at the bar, Josh had an idea. He wanted a belt buckle, but not just any belt buckle. It should be in the shape of Tennessee. It should be electronic, with a `Party Mode’ begun by a button on the front face. Managing a party can be complicated, so it should have a good microcontroller, like the Texas Instruments MSP430F1612. It should have have two modes: Party Mode, and Off.

Not waiting to for sobriety, Travis had his designated driver take him to the lab, where he threw together the following CAD description of the belt-buckle.
Belt Buckle PCB

This was then ordered through BatchPCB, producing a real belt buckle! Several painstaking hours of hot-air soldering later, a belt buckle was had!

TNBELT10, First Assembly

The prototype was then taken back to the bar, and promptly lost. Josh, then had another idea: If parties could be had with a truly awesome belt buckle, perhaps the true spirit of the buckle was not in the electronics but rather in the idea. So an unpopulated PCB was taken to party!

Party Mode!
$1.50 Pint Night
$1.50 Pint Night
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy
The Belt Buckle gets Sassy

There has since been much rejoicing, and a new, improved belt buckle will soon be available. So whenever you feel sad or uninspired, think of the belt buckle and giggle. Belt buckle!

The Belt Buckle gets Sassy

13 Responses to “Party Mode Belt Buckle”

  1. Radiant Machines » Blog Archive » Belt Buckle! Says:

    [...] Gourneau and I are proud to open this site with the Party Mode Belt Buckle that we’ve been showing around the neighborly city of [...]

  2. Roy Smeding Says:

    Dude. You’re my hero.

    (I’m the 16-year-old kid from 25C3)

  3. lance mccluskey Says:

    this could not be more awesome. when can i purchase one?

    party mode: ON!


  4. Emerson Bigguns Says:

    I want one for my sister!

  5. The Dude Says:

    Well…like…that’s just your opinion, Man.

  6. Samantha Says:

    Wow…that’s just amazing!

  7. Ami Worthen Says:

    You guys are brilliant!


  8. Foon Says:

    Belt buckle!

  9. Average Looking Girl Says:

    Belt buckle = hot girls!

  10. Radiant Machines » Blog Archive » Counterfeit Your Neighborcon Badge Says:

    [...] by Mitch Altman and Lady Ada. (N.B., Defcon 16 badges had TV-B-Gone firmware.) It’s also a Tennessee Belt Buckle. Grab the CC-licensed Eagle Source, and expect a final revision to be posted when I have the badges [...]

  11. Adele Says:

    When utilitarian apparel meets tech – that’s so belt buckle

  12. Druuna Says:

    You’re right . . . girls do dig a guy with a good belt buckle! :)


  13. Joe Blow Says:

    Where can I order one of these, 802.15.4 enabled with the ability to control to turn off the zigbee appliances in Uncle Bob’s house?